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Nassfeldpass/Passo di Pramollo/Pas dal Pramuel Height Climbing height - length
1530m 975m - 13.1 km (Pontebba)
963m - 12.9 km (Pontebba (north))
926m - 11.2 km (Tröpolach)
Difficulty Beauty
3-4 (5) 3-4 (5)
How to get there This is a classic climb and a hard climb just under 1000m height from both sides. Slightly shorter, but steeper from the north in Tröpolach (604m) in Gailtal. From the south the road is arguably nicer with some exciting tunnels (at least one was without light and the first time I experienced what happens when it goes totally dark in a tunnel – had to put down my feet that time, but it is a very short stretch where it is totally dark. If coming down from Tarvisio and Sella di Camporosso/Saifnitzer Sattel (816m) you start on the old Austrian side of Pontebba (560m). If coming from the south or from the Passo del Cason di Lanza/Pas di Lance/Lanzenpaß (1558m) or Sella di Cereschiatis/Siele di Cjarescjatis (1072m) you start approximately at Pontebba (north) (572m).
Other comments There is the nice Lago del Pamollo at the top and there is a ski resort on the Austrian side. One can continue higher on asphalt to Watschiger Alm (1628m) from the pass for a +1000m climb.
[AT-2-1530, BIG 644]