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Prebersee (sattel) Height Climbing height - length
506m - 9.4 km (Tamsweg)
754m - 21.8 km (Schöder); 672m - 17.5 km (Seebach)
472m - 13.9 km (Ocherling)
Difficulty Beauty
3 (5) 3-4 (5)
How to get there

From the west the climb starts in Tamsweg (1023m). It is somewhat steep up the last part of this climb and this is clearly the hardest side, even if the east side is longer. Earlier (before 2012) the road over this pass was only gravel from the Ludlhütte by the Prebersee over the pass and down the east side, but asphaltation was just complete the same week I was going there (the road was opened 2-3 days after my visit to the public).

It is a nicer road from the east and especially if you take one of the two ways over Krakau. If you come over the Sölkpass from the north, you would start in Schöder (901m) and take a very small road up to Krakaudorf or you could start in Seebach (961m) and take the main road up to Krakaudorf. From there the road goes a bit up and down in lovely landscape, before it descends a little to meet the actual eastern Prebersee road that start by Ocherling (1057m). From here you soon enter the woods, but it is a nice road. The top section is not very interesting, unfortunately. It sounds nice with a lake and I understand it is a bit special for people in Austria as it is a Swedish type see, but we have such small lakes everywhere at home, so quite boring.

Other comments The Ludlalm is a restaurant that seems very popular (it is probably a better idea going down either side before stopping).