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Hapfere(n) Schwyberg (Schwyberg) Height Climbing height - length
1528m 640m - 7.6 km (Friesmatta) (686m - 8.3 km (Schwyberg))
Difficulty Beauty
3-4 (5) 3-4 (5)
How to get there This climb starts nice and easy on the road to Schwarzsee at Friesmatta (888m). At one of the early turn-offs to the right you take off on a minor road that is steep, but never very steep up to the end of the asphalt at Schwyberg (1574m). Just before you reach the Hapfere(n) Schwyberg (1528m), which is a very obvious pass, but with no good pass name I know of. It is a nice climb on a good road in a nice area and if you go to the end of the asphalt you will have lovely views of the area.
Other comments Also see the climb up the opposite side of the Seeschlund valley to Ättenberg/Hohberg/Col du Hohberg (1506m) which is a slightly steeper climb still! The gravel continuation reaches 1595m just before Grosses Schwyberg (a bigger farmhouse).