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Kartitscher Sattel Height Climbing height - length
1525m (road height 1529m)
Sign 1530m
459m - 8.8 km (Tassenbach)
1287m - 41.8 km (Kötschach-Mauthen)
Difficulty Beauty
2 (5) (West); 3-4 (East) 3-4 (5)
How to get there

This is a nice little pass in the Gailtal in Tirol taking you to/from Lesachtal in Kärnten. From the west it is a nice and easy climb from Tassenbach (1070m) up to 1529m a bit before the actual pass.

I started to count the height metres from the east in Kötschach-Mauthen (698m) but I eventually gave up as there are more up and downs on this ”climb” than any other pass I am aware of anywhere (the series looks like this (just repöroducing as it took some time to produce and still I might have missed some ups and downs: 698-843-838-859-846-850-821-966-941-956-954-959-952-961-899-957-948-1021-997-1045-1033-1039-987-1048-1021-1042-1021-1116-1103-1110-1102-1112-1107-1126-1117-1124-1110-1140-1137-1167-1163-1175-1160-1172-1146-1206-1195-1443-1397-1407-1392-1420-1417-1529. It is almost the double amount of height metres than the seeming 831 height metres difference between the start and the road height and I have heard (since I have only done part of that side) that it should be a quite hard climb due to the many ups and downs).

Other comments Despite all the ups and downs on the east side this is a very nice road. Tilliacher Joch/Forcella Dignàs (2094m) is a gravel road pass from Obertilliach on the Austrian side and all but the last 85m or so is fine with a road bike. The Italian side is a long walk with a road bike.