homeAuf der Scheid (Höllritzer Alpe)
Auf der Scheid (Höllritzer Alpe) Height Climbing height - length
1511m (road height 1518m) 782m - 13.8 km (Bihlerdorf)
484m - 3.9 km (Balderschwang)
Difficulty Beauty
2-3 (5) 2-3 (5)
How to get there

This is a nice little side road up from Bihlerdorf (729m) near Sonthofen in the Aubachtal. Half-way up this valley that goes to over to Scheidwang-Alpe/Pass Scheidwang (1315m) and what we may consider the highest asphalted pass in Germany at Obergelchenwang-Alpe/Leiterberg (1591m), you take off a small road that goes over to Stubachtal and then continues up to Höllritzer Alpe (1447m). Just before this Alpe (possible to eat and drink here) there is a small road continuing up to this pass over to Balderschwang (1058m) in the Balderschwanger valley.

There is a combined ca. 465m gravel road at the end from the east. The whole climb is not particularly steep. The “geographical” pass is down a short ramp at 1487m (945m from Höllritzer Alpe road). The road going down the other side to the Riedbergpass road is gravel for 1.87 km and slightly bad particluarly in a short wooded section, but rideable with care all the way with a road bike. This side is rather steep! It felt like longer going back here even though I wanted next to go back up the Riedbergpass (1407m) and then back down the valley to the west and Austria.

Other comments The views are good down over the Balderschwang valley and it is generally a pleasant climb. The height is taken from the sign and it seems correct. The sign states no name for the place though, but ‘Auf der Scheid’ appears on historical maps here. The asphalt road continues at Höllritzer Alpe, but the asphalt ends a bit further ahead there … curious why it is asphalted as it seems to lead nowhere … . One could argue that Höllritzer Alpe is a pass itself, but Auf der Scheid is more obvious, so let us be happy enough with this one.