Sternenegg Height Climbing height - length
Sign 1499m
282m - 3.8 km (Chaltenbrunnen); 592m - 9.6 km (Unteriberg)
Difficulty Beauty
3 (5) 3-4 (5)
How to get there

This is another side road climb to the Ibergeregg (1406m) pass. The earlier and more notable Nühüttli (1664m) starts lower down. Look carefully on the map not to confuse these roads! This is the last asphalted road taking off the Ibergeregg road at Chaltenbrunnen (1216m) from where a narrow and little used road climbs nicely in the woods to the pass, where the views are close to as good as from Nühüttli, but that pass is ultimately nicer. The climb starts in Unteriberg (925m).

Other comments If you decide to walk down the other side of this pass along the track following the ridge opening, then climbing a little and descending to Ober Altberg (1433m) from where a paved road descends swiftly to the main Ibergeregg road, then note that there are two places with concrete and particularly the first one is hidden in a curve and is quite steep and often overrun by water which in fact gives the surface much less traction than the most slippery blank ice. There is in short NO WAY you could get down there without falling off your bicycle as I learned (maybe you have 1% chance of not falling now when I have told you, but surely not more than that). The second place is as slippery (I stopped to check it there and I could not easily lead the bicycle over without it slipping away), but since it is straight you may make it (I stopped and walked over after the first incident and felt like I would never want to descend a road again). (Not sure why the man at the Ober Altberg did not warn me.)