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Bocchetta della Vallina Height Climbing height - length
1487m (road height 1565m)
Sign 1488m
1241m - 24 km (Stallavena)
1148m - 19.8 km (Bellori)
1423m - 19.7 km (Sdruzzinā)
Difficulty Beauty
4 (5) (North); 3-4 (5) (South) 3 (5)
How to get there

This pass could be reached from Stallavena (246m) or higher up from Bellori (339m) in Val Pantena straight up from Verona. If you continue the road up at the pass, you come to Bivio del Pidocchio (1565m) where you either take the usable gravel road that takes you in 11.6 km (11.4 km gravel) to Bocchetta della Vallina (1487m) or you take left on the asphalt road to Passo Fittanze della Sega (1380m).

The hardest climb is from the north in Sdruzzinā (153m), where the very steep road to Passo Fittanze starts. The last part from Passo Fittanze is much more relaxing though and you finish downhill. The asphalt is a bit bad for 1-2 km before the Bivio del Pidocchio when coming from Passo Fittanze (hope they fix it before it becomes a gravel road).
Other comments This is a lovely small road around the pass. Rather lonely. You will have better views up on the Lessinia gravel ridge road above and sometimes further down on each side. See also the Col di Pealda Bassa (1470m).