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Hochthörle (Hochthörle Hütte) Height Climbing height - length
1483m 509m - 6.1 km (Ehrwald)
Difficulty Beauty
3 (5) 1-2 (5)
How to get there

The climb starts in Ehrwald (974m) and continues easily on a wide road to the Ehrwald-Zugspitzbahn. From here I took a slightly more straight way up through the area, but it is easier just to take right at once as you are then on the right road to the pass. This road soon becomes quite steep with up to like 19%, but luckily this does not last long and the road then undulates easily and oddly up through the forest. Then a little steep again as you approach the hütte (restaurant).

This a pass almost paved to the pass height – ca. 180m or 220m gravel road depending on which of the two ways you take after the Hochthörle Hütte (1459m). The more correct one is the road to the right which is a bit too rough at first, but you can just as well take the other road to the left that is paved for a short while again (apparently they destroyed the paving around the hütte when rebuilding it on the other side of the road (from what I can make out), so before it was just like 100m gravel). Now there are no views at all at the pass height, but the road to the right should soon come to the ‘Eibsee-blick’ with good views over the lake down the German side of the pass, but as the road was no fun with a road bike I went back. The road to the left if you continue a little longer than the pass height, you have decent views of the Zugspitze (2962m) (highest mountain in Germany, used to be higher before the Nazis “lowered” Germany (Wermacht blew up the highest peak in 1938)).

Other comments This road is traversed in one of the TransAlp MTB events and much frequented by MTB cyclists otherwise too. Would have been a nice alternative to the main valley road from Garmisch-Partenkirchen if it had been all asphalted.