Ibergeregg Height Climbing height - length
1406m 500m - 8.8 km (Unteriberg)
890/899m - 10.8/10.3 km (Schwyz centre)
949/958m - 12.6/12.1 km (Schwyz bahnhof)
896/905m - 10.5/10 km (Schwyz Hagni)
952/961m - 12.1/11.5 km (Ibach)
866m - 10.7 km (Moutatal/Uf Ibrig)
291m - 3.4 km (Illgau)
Difficulty Beauty
3-4 (5) West; 2-3 (5) East 3-4 (5)
How to get there

This is the lowest of the three passes going east-west in the area, well one could possibly also count the Biberegg here as the northest and lowest variant. Oddly enough the smallest road is over the Pragelpass (1550m) and that should nonetheless be the fastest of the three passes in getting with a bicycle east-west here. Klausenpass (1948m) is much higher and a detour.

It is a fairly easy climb from the east, but a bit demanding nonetheless as it is not so short. It starts in Unteriberg (925m). From the west this is a harder and longer climb. I listed more or less all variants here: If you are coming down the Pragelpass in Moutatal and wish to make a round tour, you could go via Illgau and start the climb at 1115m on a bridge just before reaching the main road to the pass. Lower down the Moutatal you could turn up a steep narrow road (from 571m) to Uf Ibrig/Aufiberg and Chätziboden (766m) and join the main road at 735m.

If you come from the Schwyz area, you start by the hospital at Hagni (510m) if coming down the Moutatal. You can start from Ibach (454m) if coming down from Brunnen (the longest climb). You could possibly start from the bahnhof (457m) if coming there by train or from the west here. Finally if you come down from Sattel or Mostelegg, you start the climb in the centre of Schwyz (516m). The variants through Schwyz offers a ca. 500m shorter road if you climb the steep road up from Rickenbach up through Huserenberg and adds 9 height metres! (Those are the second figures above for height/length.)

Other comments There are some great views on the climb back down over the Vierwaldstätter see and some views of the Grosser Mythen. Also note the side road climbs on the east side: particularly Nühüttli (1664m), but also nearby Sternenegg (1498m).