Männlichen Height Climbing height - length
2223m 1271m - 13.6 km (Grindelwald-Grund)
1592m - 25.1 km (Zweilütschinen-Grindelwald)
1304m - 12.3 km (Schwendi)
1580m - 21.2 km (Zweilütschinen-Schwendi)
Difficulty Beauty
4-5 (5) 4-5 (5)
How to get there If coming from Interlaken the climbing starts in Zweilütschinen (653m). One start the specific climb at Grindelwald-Grund (942m), or the bridge at 952m if coming down from the Grosse Scheidegg (1962m), the later place being the start of the normal bigger road up. One could also try a steeper more direct road up from Schwendi (919m), which is very steep until it meets the normal road. Another pass guide on the web, Quäldich, has a good description of the climb and photos, which might be worth consulting as I was climbing in rain and heavy fog/clouds. The asphalt road continues up the Männlichen mountain (2342m) to 2235m and then turns to gravel, but it is a good road until the last bit up the mountain top, progressively worse up to 2320m, where a path leads to the top. There is only a walking path down the other side.
Other comments This pass and mountain should offer some of the nicest views in the Alps on a clear day. One is not allowed to take the bicycle on the cable car service here (it is unually expensive anyway). Apparently one is not allowed to bicycle over to the Kleine Scheidegg pass on the walking path up here (and I am not sure if it would be usable with a road bike anyway, but with an MTB it should be fine). There are funny regulations/warnings on the Grosse Scheidegg road also for cyclists, but guess some cyclists do not mind smashing into buses and thus they found it reasonable to paint the road full with warnings. In a few places in Switzerland, Austria and Italy they have forbidden cyclists to use some mountain roads in any way, so this is better. On the most dangerous roads you will never find any warnings though (but maybe that is because they are not so much used). There is a small bar/café on the climb (just after a bigger hotel/restaurant) which I found good. At one or two places (or more) one could take steeper “short cuts” up this road to make it shorter. Still more information is found at the maennlichen.ch site.