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Sustenpass (tunnel) Height Climbing height - length
Sustenpasshöhe 2260m
1772m - 41.9 km (Altdorf)
1308m - 17.5 km (Wassen)
1598m - 27.6 km (Innertkirchen)
Difficulty Beauty
4 (5) 3-4 (5)
How to get there If arriving from the north or from Klausenpass, the climb starts already at Bürglen/Altdorf (488m) after a descent to 452m. If you come from the south, the Andermatt area, you start the climb when you turn off the road down the valley at Wassen (916m). From the west the climb starts above Meiringen in Innertkirchen (626m). All the climbs are long and hard, but there are not any very steep sections.
Other comments It is nice with the tunnels and bridges on the east side above Wassen. The hairpinned road near the top on the west side is also very nice! The pass is at a short tunnel at the top (lit). I did not see any place for water above Wassen on the east side. There is a bar just below the top serpentines on the west side and two at the top itself. Accomodation could be found in Meiringen, Innertkirchen, and Guttanen on the west side and in Wassen on the east side. The new Sustenpass road opened in 1947. See also Sustenpass/Sustenpasshöhe (2260m). (The photo shows the west side of this pass.)
[CH-BE-2224b, BIG 567]