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Ju de Valparola/Valparora/Passo di Valpar˛la/Valparolapass Height Climbing height
Sign 2192m
802m - 14.2 km (La Villa/Stern/La Ila); 1135m - 27.9 km (Picolin/Pikolein/Piccolino)
1211m - 32.6 km (Zwischenwasser/Longega); 1417m - 41.9 km (St. Lorenzen/S. Lorenzo di Sebato)
92m - 1.2 km (Passo FalzarŔgo/Fouzargo); 785m - 10.7 km (Cernadoi/Cernadou)
888m - 15.6 km (Rucava/ReciavÚ); 1195m - 20.8 km (Caprile)
694m - 11.5 km (Poc˛l); 998m - 17.1 km (Cortina d’Ampezzo)
Difficulty Beauty
3-4 (5) 5 (5)
How to get there

This is a hard climb from any direction. From the north this specific climb starts at La Villa/Stern/La Ila (1395m) and is somewhat steep all the way up, but could be climbed without interruption from St. Lorenzen/S. Lorenzo di Sebato (806m). One could also start between these places (if coming from Ju de Furcia/Furkelsattel/Passo Furcia (1759m)) in Zwischenwasser/Longega (1012m) or at Picolin/Pikolein/Piccolino (1088m) if coming via J¨ de B÷rz/WŘrzjoch/Passo delle Erbe (1996m).

From the south the climb is very short and easy from the Passo di Falzarego/Fouzargo/Jou de Fauzare (2105m). You are however likely to have started out on the climb further down at Caprile (1002m) in the south, or at Cortina d’Ampezzo (1199m) or Poc˛l (1503m) to the east. From both these places it will be a hard climb. The climb starts just before Cernadoi/Cernadou (1412m) if coming from Passo Pordoi/Jouf de Pordoi/Jou de Pordou/Pordoijoch (2239m) or Passo di Campolongo/Jou de Ciaulonch/Ju de Ćiaulunch/Campolongo Sattel (1876m). The climb starts in Rucava/ReciavÚ (1309m) if coming from Passo di Giau/Jof de Giao/Jou de Giau (2232m) or Forcella Staulanza (1770m) via Colle S. Lucia. Many possibilities!

Other comments It is a very beautiful pass (as with so many other Dolomite passes of the region), but this might be the most beautiful of them. It is a bit special with its rocky landscape at the pass height. There are also very good views on the approaches from either side. The climb from Cortina is not quite as nice as the other directions. There are plenty of good accomodations around (in La Villa for example). There should be water in the villages. The walking pass is located at 2171m by the rifugio and descends on a path down by the Valparola river, while the road pass descends another way to the Falzarego pass.
[IT-BL-2196, BIG 715]