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Colle delle Finestre/Col de FenÍtre Height Climbing height - length
Sign 2176m
1098m - 15.7 km (Depot)
1765m - 42.6 km (Pinerolo)
1693m - 18.5 km (Susa)
Difficulty Beauty
4-5 (5) (Susa); 3-4 (5) (Pinerolo) 3-4 (5)
How to get there A very, very hard pass from Susa (482m) with a sustained steepness at around 10% (it starts even steeper). There is not any water on the climb (from what I can remember). At Il Colletto (di Meana) (1455m) the road turns to gravel and becomes less steep for a short stretch before it returns to around 9% up to the pass. The south side from Pinerolo (west) (411m) is long, but not as hard. The real climb from the south starts in Depot (1077m) and from here it is almost as steep as on the other side, but this is a shorter climb.
Other comments A very interesting ridge road is possible to connect with this pass climb by turning off the south side of this road 2.4 km from the pass on to a sometimes rough gravel road (at its worst it is just about cyclable with a road bike). This is the splendid (for scenery) Assietta ridge road with several passes along the way to Colle del Sestriere (2036m) that reaches 2538m. Colle delle Finestre was part of Giro d’Italia in 2005. It was paved on the south side for a safe descent by the Giro riders that same year. Also named: Col de FenÍtre.
[IT-TO-2176, BIG 680]