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Grimselpass/Col du Grimsel Height Climbing height - length
Signs 2165m, 2164m
1538m - 26.5 km (Innertkirchen)
406m - 6 km (Gletsch)
829m - 16.9 km (Ulrichen)
Difficulty Beauty
South 2-3 (5); North 3-4 (5) 4 (5)
How to get there From the north it is a long and varying climb from Innertkirchen (626m) (or Meiringen (594m)). It is never very steep. From the south one could start at Ulrichen (1346m) (the real climb starts just after Oberwald (1368m)). Or one starts at Gletsch (1758m) if coming down from the Furkapass/Furca/Col de la Furka (2429m). It is slightly steeper near the end on this side, but it is also a shorter climb.
Other comments

The pass has a lot of traffic, but it is not too annoying and the landscape is mostly interesting and beautiful, especially on the north side. At one place on the north side there is a long tunnel with an alternative road (also paved) going on the outside and it is a very nice alternative, with a deep gorge on the side. There are huge dams on the north side. Near the top the road is very nicely hairpinned on both sides of the pass. The pass itself has a shop and a bar (and more). There is also a beautiful little lake in nice scenery. The view on the south side looking in the direction of the Furkapass/Furca/Col de la Furka is grand and an almost archetypical view of road serpentines in the Alps. Water should not be a problem.

Close to the top on the north side of the pass you can find a nice paved road (panorama road) (5.8 km) going to the Oberaarsee (2389m) (very nice photos in this link!). You can also along this road climb on a gravel road to Bäregg (2451m), with even better views over the Oberaarsee!