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Passo di Fedaia/Jouf de Fedaa/Pas de Fedaa Height Climbing height - length
2054m (road height 2059m) 1052m - 14 km (Caprile)
1052m - 13.5 km (Caprile-Sottoguda)
608m - 13.2 km (Canazei)
Difficulty Beauty
East 4-5 (5); West 3 (5) 3-4 (5)
How to get there The road from the east starts in Caprile (1002m). After a while one has a choice of staying on the main road or taking the old (I believe) road through the nice Sottoguda gorge. The Sottoguda gorge road is much recommended (closed to all motorized vehicles), but unfortunately that road was totally destroyed late 2018 and it remains to be seen if it will be rebuilt or not! The eastern approach is well-known as a hard pass road with gradients up to 16% in the long last section. The west side from Canazei/Cianacči/Kanzenei (1448m) is more busy with traffic as many tourists go up to the pass this way and go back again later (I think). It is also a much easier climb.
Other comments The best views are on the old road through the Sottoguda gorge and the close-up view of the Marmolada glacier just above the pass (it is however not too easy to get a good view of from the road). There is a very small asphalted road on the south side of the dam on the top and it is cyclable but had some big holes in it in 2003. It is somewhat surprising that the scenery along this pass road is not nicer than it is given the location near Marmolada. The views are better from the big road on the west side of the dam!
[IT-BL-2054b, BIG 714]