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Staller Sattel/Passo Stalle Height Climbing height - length
2052m 503m - 7.87 km (Erlsbach)
1233m - 34.93 km (Huben)
1373m - 53.96 km (Lienz)
1044m - 23.1 km (Niederrasen/Rasun di Sotto)
1218m - 33.4 km (Bruneck/Brunico)
Difficulty Beauty
North 3 (5); South 3-4 (5) 3-4 (5)
How to get there From the north you are likely to start in Lienz (679m) in Austria and go via Huben (819m) up the long pass road. It is mostly not steep at all (which is why it is long), but for a couple of kilometres after the last village, Erlsbach (1549m), it is regularly steep at around 8%. When approaching the pass height and the Obersee, it is still a little ride left to the pass and the border. The road down to Italy is very dangerous because the road is very narrow, with dead corners and good surface. This is especially true if going down against the red light (consider yourself warned)! The red light is on for 45 minutes per hour on the Italian side until 11 pm, when the pass closes for the night. The southern Italian side is a steeper climb starting out not far from Bruneck (834m) and one then turns off the major SS49 road at Niederrasen/Rasun di Sotto (1008m) up the Antholz/Anterselva valley. From Lago di Anterselva (1645m), where the stop lights are, it is close to 10% for several kilometres.
Other comments The valleys leading to the pass are quite nice on both sides, but the pass itself is a bit gloomy apart from the wonderful view at the stop lights looking south (see photo). It is a very quiet pass road with little traffic (for obvious reasons). There are no restaurants along the stretch of the road that closes at night (the steep part on both sides). There is a nearby crossing on a very nice gravel road over Klammljoch/Passo di Gola (2288m) that one can use to make a one day loop around here. I managed without too much problem to bicycle all the way over this pass on a road bike in 2008 (see: Tour of the Alps 2008 day 6).
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