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Moosalp(pass)/Col de Moos Height Climbing height - length
2049m 1509m - 22.8 km (Turtmann)
1397m - 17.8 km (Visp)
1396m - 20.1 km (Visp via Zeneggen)
1182m - 14.9 km (Stalden)
Difficulty Beauty
4 (5) 3 (5)
How to get there

It is a long way from down the Valais/Wallis valley in Switzerland from Turtmann (627m) via Eischoll (1238m) (1222m and 100m shorter, if you go through the village) and down to 1151m and then through Bürchen to the pass (I am not totally sure that the way I show on the map through Bürchen is possible and I probably took the bigger road myself here).

One could also climb directly up from Visp (653m) and above Bürchen on a more consistently steep climb. Through Bürchen it is really steep for some time with up to 16-17%, but then it becomes a little easier again up in the woods. There is also an alternative road to climb from Visp via Zeneggen (1367m), where you pass by another small pass (Loch (1523m)). The eastern side from Stalden (867m) is more evenly steep, with serpentines all the way up. Here you can choose the slightly shorter road using the tunnel half-way up or take the longer main road.

Other comments It is arguably nicer on the east side of the pass. The west side is more like farmland lower down and the forest area higher up seems like a recreational area (partly). There is a restaurant at the top. The pass was referred to as the ‘Col de Moos’ by the owners of the restaurant at the top (which is a bit odd as they speak German on both sides here), but it is nowadays also recognised as a pass on the Swiss official maps. The pass road was completed first in 1978. (Bad photo here taken all to late when I arrived around 21:00.) Gerd Balser has the best description I have found on the Moosalp (in German). See also Mattmarksee (2205m) and Täschalp (2216m).