Bielerhöhe Height Climbing height - length
Sign 2032m
1459m - 43.2 km (Bludenz)
1179m - 42.4 km (Pians); 1294m - 48.4 km (Landeck)
328m - 7.2 km (east fr. Zeinisjoch); 869m - 12.7 km (west fr. Zeinisjoch)
Difficulty Beauty
East 2-3 (5); West 3-4 (5) 3-4 (5)
How to get there The eastern climb starts near Pians (858m) not far from Landeck (788m). One could alternatively go from Landeck via Perfuchsberg to Tobadill (1148m) and down near Trisannabrücke (886m) just above Pians and then continue up the road from Pians. This Tobadill road is quite nice at the end with a little castle. The eastern climb is quite long, but has nearly no steep places. From Bludenz (578m) to the west a much steeper road in the upper part leads to the pass and this is probably the most fun side to climb (not climbed that side yet).
Other comments

The Silvretta road (as the pass road is called) was partly built for touristic reasons and it is quite obviously well exploited by a well organised hotel and recreation business in the valley up from Landeck (and probably from Bludenz up as well). Galtür (1584m) would be a recommended place to stay the night at. Bielerhöhe is one of the few really high asphalted pass roads in Austria. You could take an alternative higher road part of the way up the east side. The first place to join this road will give you a stretch of gravel road, but you could turn off later to the right up to Langesthei, which would actually turn the road up to Ischgl into a downhill ride (after much extra climbing).

Zeinisjoch (1842m) is reached by two different roads starting out north just above Galtür and has good views if you continue to the end of the paved road. This was the most obvious pass here to take rather than the higher Bielerhöhe in earlier days. One could possibly cycle down (or up) on a steep gravel road on the west side of the Bielerhöhe pass and it seems to be a decent gravel road. I have heard that people with road bikes have managed to get up on this side.

If you are interested in exploring other roads here you can try to see if you can get to the Verbellner Winterjöchli (2274m) from the Zeinisjoch pass on the gravel road going up here. If you enjoy really steep roads, then you should not miss to give the road up to Idalpe from Ischgl a chance and if that is not enough you continue the gravel road to Viderjoch (2732m) where you should have to walk a few metres (too steep (30%) in one place).

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