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Colle del Sestriere Height Climbing height - length
2036m 959m - 23.6 km (Depot)
1626m - 50.5 km (Pinerolo)
694m - 11.5 km (Cesana Torinese)
962m - 21.4 km (Oulx)
1628m - 45.6 km (Susa)
Difficulty Beauty
2-3 (5) 2-3 (5)
How to get there It is a long way from the south and Pinerolo (Ponte Nuovo) (411m) to the pass, but it is never very steep. The short climb from the north starts in Cesana Torinese (1342m) if coming over Col de Montgenèvre/Colle del Monginevro (1851m) and is steeper, but mostly around 6%. There are two alternative ways up from Cesana Torinese, the smaller one has recently been improved. If coming down from Colle delle Finestre (2175m) you will start the climb in Depot (1077m). You could start the northwest climb down in Oulx (1074m) if coming from Col de l’Échelle (1762m) and Le Mauvais Pas (1779m) or even lower down at Susa (500m) if coming over the Col du Mont Cenis/Colle del Moncenisio (2083m).
Other comments Sestriere was Italy’s first ski town and has been a popular place for skiers since the beginning of the century at least. It is somewhat nice in the valley up from Perosa Argentina, but this region has so many nicer places that this pass best serves as an access road – to the famous Assietta ridge road – a long gravel road just about cyclable with a road bike high above Sestriere – see the description for the highest pass on this road Colle di Lauson (2490m).