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Passo di San Marco Height Climbing height - length
Walking pass 1986m
1742m - 26 km (Morbegno)
1519m - 24 km (Piazza Brembana)
Difficulty Beauty
4 (5) 3 (5)
How to get there The pass is situated north of Bergamo. From the north the climb starts in Morbegno (252m) and is 26 km long. From the south the climb starts in Piazza Brembana (475m) and is 24 km long. Both climbs are roughly similarly hard. The road is never very steep.
Other comments It is very nice at the pass height. It is generally nicer on the north side which is more open. The south side also has some nice views in the higher regions. Bring water. There is much traffic down at Morbegno on the main road and similarly south of Piazza Brembana. There has recently been a bicycle path completed up to Piazza Brembana from Ponteranica in Valle Brembana, which mostly is very nicely asphalted and has nice views along the way at some places, but it has at least one stretch over a little pass (Passo Pioda (559m)) where you will have to carry the bicycle for a while and descend on a grassy field, just like you would expect of touristy bicycle paths. They could sometimes be used in parts if one has some local guy with you telling you were to go, as the ”signs” will eventually mislead you, but sometimes it could be fun to explore such, especially went built on old railroad beds which has become quite popular down in Europe these days.
[IT-BG-1883, BIG 690]