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Colle San Carlo/Col Saint-Charles Height Climbing height - length
Signs 1950m, 1971m
1031m - 10.6 km (Morgex)
506m - 6.0 km (La Thuile)
Difficulty Beauty
North 4 (5); South 2 (5) 2 (5)
How to get there This is a very hard climb from Morgex (922m) in Valle Aosta. It was used in Giro d’Italia in 2006. It is roughly 10 km with an average of 10%. Near the top there is often a lot of flies. It is much easier from La Thuile (1447m) along the climb to Col du Petit Saint-Bernard/Colle del Piccolo S. Bernardo (2189m). It is mostly a wooded climb on both sides.
Other comments A gravel road from the pass leads to Tête d’Arpy just above 2000m, where one should be able to get great views of the Mont Blanc massif, but not sure the road is good enough for use with a road bike (but it is not very long). Morgex is a nice little village with accomodation, a good grocery shop and nice candy shop (if it is still there)! Much better than the touristy La Thuile. No water on the climb (I think), so bring with you from Morgex. (Even French people refer to the pass by its Italian name ‘Colle San Carlo’ for some reason.) Other name: Col Saint-Jean.
[IT-AO-1971, BIG 677]