homeLüsner Scharte/Forcella Luson (Rifugio Plose)
Lüsner Scharte/Forcella Luson (Rifugio Plose) Height Climbing height
2383m (2448m) 1823m - 24.5 km (1888m - 25.2 km) (Brixen/Bressanone)
820m - 11 km (885m - 11.8 km) (Schnatzer)
Difficulty Beauty
West 4 (5); East 3 (5) 4-5 (5)
How to get there The road from Brixen/Bressanone (560m) is long and looks like it could be steep in some sections. The road from the east, if you come from the Passo di Éores/Halsl/Kofeljoch (1866m) or from Villnößtal/Val di Funes, the lowest point is near a place called Schnatzer (1563m). From here you soon meet the road from Brixen and then there are nice serpentines with almost no traffic to Kreuztal/Valcroce. The road going up to the Plose mountain is asphalted just a little longer (to 2029m) and then a very nice gravel road starts with good views. This road gets worse as you get nearer to the top. At the last bend before the Rifugio Plose (2448m), you walk 50m straight up to the edge where this pass is located. It is not looking like you would want to even try walking down the steep other side.
Other comments The views are quite lovely at the pass and also back in the opposite direction (which you have seen while climbing).