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Col de la Traversette Height Climbing height
2383m 1489m (Séez); 1571m (Séez D119); 604m - 7.9 km (La Rosière)
433m (fr. 1950m, Col du Petit St. Bernard)
Difficulty Beauty
4 (5) 4-5 (5)
How to get there

You could start the climb just outside Bourg-St. Maurice at Séez (894m or 812m), which is also the same climb at the beginning as for Col du Petit St. Bernard (2189m). At La Rosière (1779m) you take off right and try and find a gravel road that leads up in serpentines. It is not very good, but it is cyclable, at least until the first pass – Col des Embrasures (2305m). After that it is only a short stretch to the pass and the road is still possible to cycle with care. There is actually a road throughtout this pass until below the Col du Petit St. Bernard, even if few maps shows it.

Coming from the Petit St. Bernard you can start at around 1950m where a gravel road takes off left. (You will see at the Bernard pass the fort up to the left, which is where the Traversette pass is located.) This gravel road does not appear to go anywhere and does not seem possible to cycle on, but it is possible to cycle some part of it and it does lead up to a ski lift. When you arrive at the ski lift (or just before) you will realise that maybe this was not a good idea! The road (or ski slope) is above 30% and there is often snow fields there in the Summer. It is possible to walk up/down (zig-zagging). N: R2-3; S: R1.

Other comments It is far nicer up at this pass than down at the Col du Petit St. Bernard with far reaching views in most directions. As always with gravel roads – make sure it will not rain and that it was not raining recently.