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Pfitscher Joch/Passo di Vizze Height Climbing height
2249m (road height 2251m) 1320m - 30.2 km (Wiesen/Prati)
Difficulty Beauty
3 (5) 3-4 (5)
How to get there South of the Brenner pass there are several roads leading up to gravel road passes. If you cycle northeast out of Sterzing/Vipiteno (948m) you will go on a fine tarmac road toward St. Jakob/S. Giacomo (1448m). It is a bit steep above Wiesen/Prati (948m), but then you reach the higher Pfitschertal/Val di Vizze, where the road is almost flat until the turn-off for Stein (1525m), where the road turns into gravel. The last 10.2 km to the pass are very easy and never above 6%. The seemingly endlessly long serpentines makes you wonder if they will go full circle around the mountain at times. The road/path down to Austria and the Schlegeis dam requires some walking (I have not tried it, but it is obviously much harder going there). People on mountain bikes go over the pass without much problems.
Other comments There is a good restaurant/hotel above the pass height at 2282m. You can also get a stamp here (bring a postcard or buy one)! Last grocery before the pass is at St. Jakob/S. Giacomo. A nice pass with a nearby glacier!