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Giogo della Bala Height Climbing height
2162m 498m (Passo/Giogo del Maniva); 1771m (Anfo)
1551m (Ponte Prada/Bagolino); 1652m (Lavone); 2030m (Lodrone/Cerreto)
Difficulty Beauty
4-5 (5) South (Anfo) 5 (5); Others 4 (5)
How to get there This is the highest point on the fantastic road from Anfo (391m) by the Lago d’Idro to Passo di Croce Domini (1892m). There is only about 5 km of somewhat easy (R1) gravel road between Dosso dei Galli and Croce Domini. There are another 2 km between Passo di Baremone/Passo del Mare (1418m) and Passo/Giogo del Maniva (1664m). For more information see: Goletto delle Crocette (2070m) (the highest paved pass on the road). One could also climb from the west from just below Bagolino (712m) at Ponte Prada (611m) up a somehwat steep road via Passo di Maniva to the pass. One could start already down near Lodrone (388m) on a small and nice road to Bagolino (via Riccomassimo and Cerreto (867m) (probably just waymarked for these villages)) or on the bigger main road (SS669) up that starts further down at the Lago d’Idro (also nice) and both roads drop height before they climb again near or in Bagolino. I believe the most easy and boring approach is via Lavone (510m) to the west.
Other comments There is no doubt in my mind that this road should be started at Anfo by the Lago d’Idro and that you should continue to Passo di Croce Domini and then go down to Bagolino and perhaps down to Lago d’Idro on the bigger road. The nicest stretch is from Anfo (391m) to Giogo della Bala. Try and get water at the bar at Passo di Baremone. See also Mario Labelle’s photos and descriptions (french).