homePasso del Lusia/Pas de Lujia
Passo del Lusia/Pas de Lujia Height Climbing height
2053m 889m (Moena)
555m (Paneveggio)
Difficulty Beauty
5 (5) 3 (5)
How to get there The northern climb starts at Moena (1164m) and at first one can simply follow the main road to Passo di San Pellegrino (1919m). After going up the initial serpentines from Moena, there is soon a gravel road going off on the right-hand side to the pass. This road is mostly a cyclable gravel road, but is also quite steep (up to 15%) with much sharp stones (typical for gravel roads in the Dolomites)! This might possibly be the toughest gravel road in the Alps/Dolomites cyclable with a road bike (I had to walk some). I have not explored the south side of this pass. It was very easy (almost flat and very good gravel road) just below the pass (in fact there were two roads that branched off and you should probably use the most easterly one to the left). The southern climb starts in Paneveggio (1498m) with two road choices (maybe someone out there could tell me which one is the best?).
Other comments There are a couple of mountain huts up at this pass. One some kilometers before the pass (where the gravel road gets a little bad for a while, but less steep) and one at the pass itself (did not look very inviting) and I met the man (who was very nice) living in the hut on the mountain to the west of the pass. There are also huts up to the left according to maps.