homePasso Torre di Fraele/La Bocchetta
Passo Torre di Fraele/La Bocchetta Height Climbing height
1941m 724m (Bˇrmio)
1285m (Gr˛sio)
Difficulty Beauty
3 (5) 4 (5)
How to get there Now moved to asphalt roads! (2011) This is a somewhat easy rough road climb from Bormio (1200m), and a longer one from Gr˛sio (656). The towers of Fraele are impressive from below and the dams with the mountainsides surrounding them are also very impressive. You should continue to the dams here! A very recommended road for road bicyclists wishing to try out some mountain gravel roads. The road is dusty and there are some lorries using he road. I very much recommend taking the level road that leaves just after the first or second hairpin bends from above on the return journey, to get up the valley toward Passo di Foscagno/Pass da Fus-chagn. R1: 4-5km.
Other comments There is one water tap after the first hairpins of gravel road – make use of it! For further information, see Passo di Val/Valle Alpisella/Pass d’Alpisella (2287m). You can possibly go over Passo di Val Alpisella to get to Livigno (though you are likely to have to walk a little with a road bike).