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Col de Pernante/Colletta Height Climbing height
1871m 1548m (La Giandola)
1221m (Roccavione)
Difficulty Beauty
3-4 (5) 4 (5)
How to get there R1 from south. The climb starts on asphalt on the main road up the Tende valley at La Giandola (323m). It only becomes steeper when you take off the asphalt road just before the tunnel. There are asphalt for a short stretch up the tightly packed serpentine road. There is asphalt almost to the top from the north. The climb from the north starts slowly in Roccavione (650m) and first after Limone becomes a bit steep. You should not take off to Limonetto, but continue until the next turn-off, if you want to climb the asphalted road to the top of the pass plus a few hundred metres of gravel. For the view here you will have to visit nearby Col de Pernante/Colletta (1907m; 06-1898).
Other comments The tunnel under the Tende pass is not allowed for bicyclists, so yo will have to go over this exciting road.