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Col de la Cibières Height Climbing height
2525m 1169m (Chantemerle)
Difficulty Beauty
4 (5) 3 (5)
How to get there The start of this climb is the same as for Col de Granon. One starts in Chantemerle (1356m) some way west out of Briançon. This is the last gravel road leading off to the left on approaching Col de Granon (only a few meters before it). The gravel road is semi-cyclable with much large stones on it. (For mountainbikes it is bad but cyclable.) You take a right turn up to the col (it is obvious where). The road ends at the col and only a path continues from there. SE: R1-2; N: S2
Other comments There are better gravel roads up around Col de Granon, like the one leading to Col de Barteaux (I believe). The road continuing straight ahead will lead to Porte/Col de Cristol, but the road probably deteriorates and there may be another better road there starting lower (doubtful about that though).