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Lai da Vons Height Climbing height - length
2073m 1095m - 10.69 km - 10.3% (Andeer)
660m - 6.43 km - 10.3% (Sufers)
Difficulty Beauty
4 (5) South; 4-5 (5) North 4-5 (5)
How to get there The climb from the north starts in Andeer (978m) after crossing a wooden bridge. This is the steep and long side. The climb is paved to 1920m from the north and to 2008m from the south. From the south the climb starts in Sufers (1413m) and the climb is as steep here, but it is shorter. The south climb passes by the Lai da Vons (see) just below the pass and since the pass has no known name it is often referred to by the name of the see. The north side is mostly wooded and the road clings to the rock wall in the middle section and is a quite narrow road. The south side is more open, but the views are splendid in the top section on both sides.
Other comments This is a quite nice and demanding detour on the way to/from Passo del San Bernardino/St. Bernhardinpass/Pass dal S. Bernardin (2067m) or Splügenpass/Passo dello Spluga/Pass dal Spleia (2115m) that lets you escape a slightly boring passage up through the upper Roflaschlucht/Puntcrap. This climb is steeper than the feared nearby climb to Alp Anarosa (2345m), but the Anarosa climb is longer. You have to zoom in on the map a little as I combined this climb map with the Splügenpass.