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Marteltal/Val Martello Height Climbing height - length
2072m 1411m - 22.67 km - 6.2% (Goldrain/Coldrano)
1374m - 21.58 km - 6.4% (Morter)
Difficulty Beauty
3-4 (5) 3-4 (5)
How to get there This is a nice long climb from Goldrain/Coldrano (661m) or Morter (698m) in the Vinschgau/Val Venosta. The climb varies a lot in steepness with a long flat section along the Zufrittsee/Lago Gioveretto, which feels a bit like the end of the climb when reached after a set of numbered serpentines up there, but a little later comes the main attraction (for the climbing) with another set of steeper numbered nice serpentines up to the end of the valley road. The road descends a few metres at the end and there is a waterfall there to be seen, but no more climbing.
Other comments This is a quite nice climb especially if you can catch it on a sunny day (no luck there for me). After the end of the asphalt road the gravel road continues to an abandoned big hotel (not seen from the road before at all and I did not see it). The Schönblick hotel and restaurant has some slightly better views up the mountains than on the road at the end (photo from there).
[BIG 698]