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Rifugio Gardeccia/Torri del Vajolet Height Climbing height - length
1958m 626m - 6.24 km - 10.1 % (Pont da Picion)
Difficulty Beauty
3 (5) 4-5 (5)
How to get there The climb starts at the roundabout at Pont da Picion (1332m) in the Val di Fassa/Fassatal between Pera and Mazzin. The climb is not so long, but it is surprisngly steep in parts at up to ca. 17%. Asphalt seemingly still runs out at the bridge below the Rifugio Gardeccia (1947m) at 1935m (latest Google images suggests they are rebuilding the bridge, which is likely done now, but not sure there will be any more asphalt higher up). You should however continue on the gravel until it turns bad above the rifugio at 1958m (by the Stella Alpina rifugio) where you have the best views up the Torri del Vajolet.
Other comments Be careful on the descent (I was unlucky and had my body for the rear cassette going bad here and had to pedal down or fall off the bicycle). There are typically many walkers up the rifugio. This is a very nice place in the Dolomites.
[BIG 708]