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Speicher Zillergründl Height Climbing height - length
1879m 1240m (Mayrhofen)
Difficulty Beauty
3 (5) 4 (5)
How to get there This rather nice climb starts in Zillertal at Mayrhofen (639m). It is a rather nice and easy climb up the valley to the Zillergründl dam, but the last 4 km offers gradients above 10% on average. One could also continue a little higher up on asphalt when arriving out of the long ending tunnel (lighted), by going up above the tunnel entrance.
Other comments The gravel road that continues along the dam is mostly fine to use with a road bike and also climbs a bit after the first tunnel. has a good profile of this climb (not including the last 29 height metres). From Mayrhofen one could also continue up the Zillertal to the end at Schlegeisspeicher (1795m, highest asphalted point). This is a more moderate climb that is never any steep, but it should be nice just like I suspect the road up the Stilluptal is (have not done these two climbs yet).
[BIG 616]