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Glacier de Moiry Height Climbing height - length
2351m 2097m - 35.7 km (Chalais)
1876m - 32.7 km (Sierre)
Difficulty Beauty
3-4 (5) 4 (5)
How to get there

This is a long and hard climb if going all the way from down the Valais/Wallis valley. You could start in Chalais (529m) and go via Vercorin (1320m) (itself a pass) from where the climb continues up to Giettes d’en Bas (1469m) and then there is considerable descent to Mayoux (1194m) from where you share the same road as the other possible climbs. The road climbs up through Grimentz and after it road becomes more narrow and a bit less good. The last stretch from the Lac de Moiry (2249m) to the end is very easy and nice.

The climb from Sierre (560m) is nice (perhaps nicer even though on a wider road). After an initial sustained climb into the Val d’Annivers, the road becomes almost flat for a long time as you wind your way up the valley to Vissoie (1204m). From there you take the road down to a bridge (1123m) and from now it is a constant climb up through Grimentz to the end.

Other comments Another place to visit (if the weather is fine) is Illpass (2488m) above Chandolin (1983m) up the road from Vissoie, which is even nicer than this one. I have also been up at the end of the road in Zinal (1687m), where you have nice views of the moutains ahead.
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