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Breuil-Cervinia (village) & Cheneil/Cheney Height Climbing height - length
2178m (2003m)/2022m 1640m - 27.6 km (Châtillon)/1484m - 24.8 km (Châtillon)
2418m - 48.8 km/2262m - 46.1 km (Ronchettes via Grand-Villa via St. Pantaleon)
2329m - 45.2 km/2173m - 42.5 km (Chambave via St-Denis via St. Pantaleon)
Difficulty Beauty
3-4 (5); 4-5 (5) (via St. Pantaleon) 4 (5)
How to get there

This is a long climb to Breuil-Cervinia (2003m) whether you go via the beautiful Col de St-Pantaléon/Colle di St. Pantaleon (1655m/1666m) or just straight up the Valtournenche valley from Châtillon (538m). Just as you come to a big parking and start to see the village you can turn off to Loc. Cielo Alto, where the asphalt road ends inside a huge hotel complex that also offers some great views between the houses in good weather (looking at Google street view). This is the highest asphalted point in the valley (2178m) (but as they keep on building, that might change).

The climb over Col de St-Pantaléon/Colle di St. Pantaleon is quite steep on most of the road choices up there. Most consistently steep would be the shortest climb from Chambave (478m), but I also include the climb I made a version of myself via Grand-Villa, which I believe is nicer. For more variants see Col de St-Pantaléon/Colle di St. Pantaleon (1655m). There is then a nice descent to Antey-Saint-André (1026m) on the main road up Valtournenche.
Other comments You can also turn off at Valtournenche village for a climb up to Cheneil/Cheney/Alpe Barmaz (2022m). Nice weather makes this climb wortwhile and then it is also a great idea to climb via St. Pantaleon. There is water on the way.
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