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Arc 2000 Height Climbing height - length
2145m 1341m - 21.16 km - 6.4% (Bourg-St-Maurice)
1346m - 21.54 km - 6.3% (Hauteville)
Difficulty Beauty
3 (5) 2-3 (5)
How to get there

This is a high paved road in the Alps going to a rather boring ski resort. I would not have included it in the list if it was not for the height and the road being paved. There are some decent views from below the ski resorts on the way down to the more wooded areas. There are also great views if you can make it up the gravel road to Col de la Chal (2457m) from where I came down to Arc 2000 on my visit here after climbing a tough gravel road from Nancroix and then walking fairly long to the pass, but much of the way (especially high up) is fairly good down to Arc 2000.

The climb starts in Bourg-St-Maurice (804m or 806m) or at Hauteville (799m) on the road from Landry. I am just showing the fastest/steepest way up, which is mostly on nice small roads, but it is likely a better idea to take the main road back down again. Following the smaller roads it should be a fairly hard climb.

Other comments Arc 1950 is located over 2000m and Arc 2000 over 2100m, but it is not uncommon with odd height naming of ski resorts. Photo from Col de la Chal.