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La Plagne & Col de la Grande Forcle Height Climbing height - length
2138m/2265m 1482m - 19.43 km - 7.6% (1609m - 21.12 km) (Aime)
1417m - 18.86 km - 7.5% (1544m - 20.55 km) (Bonnegard)
1433m - 21.50 km - 6.7% (1560m - 23.19 km (Bellentre)
Difficulty Beauty
3-4 (5) (4 (5)) 3 (5)
How to get there

The normal way up to La Plagne is to start in Aime (656m). The road I have drawn (but likely not followed myself) is a short-cut up through Mâcot, but higher up there is only one way to go. It is a long climb, never particularly steep. Above Plagne 1800 you get a choice where you take right up to Plagne-Centre and at the next turnabout you take left up to Plagne-Villages where the road ends at a parking place, but at the upper end you see a small road which should be good asphalt (maybe it was a little bad the first few metres) that goes to La Fruitière (cheese shop) (2138m).

There is a sign for La Fruitière just a bit further up, where the climbing stops, but the road was bad up the last part here with road works and rain when I was there. However, I pushed on up to Col de la Grande Forcle 1.69 km up from the cheese shop and another 127 height metres. This road is partly asphalted and has a long steep ramp up to the pass made easier by the bad asphalt.

If coming down from Col du Tra (1308m) (a nice little pass for the many serpentines up from Moûtiers), you start the climb in Bonnegard (721m). If coming down from Bourg d’Oisans and some of the famous passes here, you likely start in Bellentre (722m).

Other comments I am curious to see whether they will keep up the road to Col de la Grande Forcle or not as it would be nice if it was in a better state from a road cycling perspective, while now you are most likely to only see mountain bikers up here. The views improves a lot by going above the parking at the end so I urge you to at least continue up to the cheese shop (at least if the weather is better than on my visit). (Photo from Col de la Grande Forcle.)
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