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Große Speikkogel/Koralpenstrasse Height Climbing height
2131m 1670m - 15.42 km - 10.9% (Maildorf/Paildorf)
Difficulty Beauty
4-5 (5) 2-3 (5)
How to get there From south of Wolfsburg one start the climb in Maildorf/Paildorf (461m). Koralpenstrasse is a pretty irregularly steep road, but it is never extremely steep (max is around 17-18% from my memory). It is nonetheless one of the tougher climbs in the Alps mostly because of the length. The road mostly climb through the woods, but there is a nice long stretch at the end where there is open terrain. It can be quite windy up there as you are going up a somewhat solitary mountain peak. One sees the sender mast at the top from below near the start and it is hard to understand that it is quite that far up there. The mountain does not look very steep or spectacular, but often steep roads goes up that type of mountains. There are no alternative roads to go up or down here.
Other comments The views from the top are far reaching, but I was a little disappoited nonetheless as it is clear up there that one is here far away from the more white capped Alps peaks in the central Alps. The north-east corner of the Alps is mostly green and less spectacular, even if it is quite nice too and there are more spectacular areas to the Slovenian border and north up at Hochkar. One could also explore the nearby climb to Sonnhof/Godinger Hütte (1615m) which looks like it has a gravel section (not been there). From St. Ulrich (558m) it is 11.49 km with 9.2%, so also a fairly steep climb. This climb is good to combine with a ride over the: Weinebene (1666m).
[BIG 659]