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Val Genova/Rifugio Bedole Height Climbing height - length
1639m 823m - 17.42 km - 4.7% (Carisolo)
Difficulty Beauty
3 (5) 4 (5)
How to get there This is a climb from Carisolo (816m) on the road to Passo Campo Carlo Magno (1683m). It is famous for a spectacular waterfall early on the road in Val di Genova. The road is fairly flat at first to the waterfall (Cascate di Nardis). There is then a steep section on the narrow road up to a new long flat section at Malga Genova. Then comes again a steep section that is longer, but eventually the steepness ends and the climb is then varied up to the end of the asphalt at Malga Bedole (1574m). There is then a nice gravel road across the open field here and then a final little climb on gravel up to Rifugio Bedole (which might not be perfect, but I could cycle in both directions here).
Other comments This is a harder climb than it looks in theory with up to 17-18% in the steepest ramps (from memory). There could also be many walkers on the road in Summer (and cars early on) as this is a popular place to visit.