Arolla Height Climbing height - length
2113m 1614m - 38.08 km - 4.2% (Sion)
1933m - 40.12 km - 4.8% (Bramois)
Difficulty Beauty
3-4 (5) 4 (5)
How to get there This is a very long climb and hence not so steep. Either you start in Sion (499m) and go up the lovely Val d’Hérens via Vex (939m) and Evolène to Les Haudères (1452m). Or you start nearby in Bramois (499m) and climb to Suen (1430m) and descend to Praz-Jean (1111m), which is where you join the other road up via Evolène. It is slightly steep after Les Haudères and the start from Bramois on the small road looks quite steep, but you can alternatively follow the main road.
Other comments Evolène is a good place to stop for water (water tap in the centre), but there are also cafés and shops. The last hairpin is gravel (in 2014) and then asphalt at the last bend and then I put the end a couple of metres up the last stretch of the road on gravel from where you have quite fine views.
[BIG 579]