Tauernmoossee Height Climbing height - length
2106m 1331m - 21.84 km - 6.1% (Uttendorf)
Difficulty Beauty
3-4 (5) 4 (5)
How to get there On the road from Zell am See to Gerlospass or Pass Thurn you turn off at Uttendorf into Stubachtal (775m). Here the nice stubachstrasse takes you up to Enzingerboden from where a very narrow, but asphalted road climbs quite steeply up to above the Tauernmoossee (2025m) to which the road descends (asphalt ends soon after the high point of the road, but no problem to get down to the dam itself. There is an unlit odd tunnel early on up from Enzingerboden where you might not see stones on the ground, but it is short. The asphalt is not very good, but totally fine for a road bike and you are not likely to see many cars on this road (mostly mountain bikers and walkers).
Other comments Great views at the top and a climb that feels like it was made for cyclists. One of the nicest climbs in Austria and still not so often visited by road bikers. Across the dam is the location of a pass called Niedere Scharte (2067m, road height 2082m) that I tried to reach on my visit here, but as I came close to the other side of the dam they were working on the dam and it was not really possible this day to pass even on foot unfortunately. From the Niedere Scharte one should have views down to Gruensee, I believe. Still nice views from the dam down the Hüttental to Enzingerboden, where there are restaurants.