Cyclable gravel pass roads in the Pyrenees
There are several worthwhile passes to visit in the Pyrenees with a road bike where the road is not paved.
I only list passes that I have visited myself on this page.
Pass names in italics are difficult to cycle to and may require some walking.
Pass names in strike-through are strictly walking passes, but are included since I have been there.
Passes with an (*) are on the way to/from another pass (no.) in the section.
– If you cycle over the other pass you will have visited this too (without extra climbing).
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No. Name of passHeight (m)
1. flagCol des Laquets & Col de Sencours 2637 & 2378
2. flagflagPort de Rat 2540
3. flagCol de Portet 2215
4. flagCol des Iris 2030
5. flagCol de la Sansa 1775

I sometimes use the (slightly modified) notation method for unpaved roads and paths from and their Chauvot guide: R1 is cyclable unpaved road. R1-2 is cyclable with difficulty on a road bike bicycle (MTB is recommended). R2 is where you will have to walk (with a road bike in any case). R3 is difficult to walk. S1 is a cyclable path (few such exists for road bike cycles). S2 is walking path. S3 difficult walking. S4 means carrying.
I give reference numbers to the Chauvot guide and to other guides from .