homeGestelenpass/Meieberg/Col de la Meienbergalp
Gestelenpass/Meieberg/Col de la Meienbergalp Height Climbing height - length
1853m 942m - 9.2 km (Lee/Grubenwald)
812m - 10.7 km (Zwischenflüh); 1183m - 19.2 km (Oey)
Difficulty Beauty
West 4-5 (5); East 3-4 (5) 4-5 (5)
How to get there

This pass climb is not so well known, just as some other pass climbs in this interesting region. The hardest and most interesting climb starts from the west not far from Zweisimmen at Lee (911m) (Grubenwald). In Grubenwald there is a sign for Gestelenpass. The climb via Hofstetten is quite nice. Somewhere above Hofstetten in the woods the road truns to gravel for ca. 340m, but the gradient is regular and the surface is decent, so this should not pose a problem to a road bicyclist unless the weather is really bad. Then there is asphalt again as you get out of the woods and can enjoy very nice views on a very good road with minimal traffic.

The climb from the east starts in Oey (670m). At Zwischenflüh (1041m) one turns off the main road up the Diemtigtal and later one turns right again instead of climbing up to Seeberg (1806m), which is also a nice pass-looking place with a restaurant (but as there is not even a path down the other side, that is not really a pass). Only the last bit is a little steep on this side and the final flattish 305m on this side are good gravel.

Other comments The second road taking off to the right soon after Zwischenflüh goes to Rinderalp (1705m/1689m) and Hintertärfeten (Chrindi) (1826m) and is a very much recommended extra climb (290m of gravel here and maybe one very short stretch early on (if not repaired when you get there)). I cannot remember any places for water along the road, but believe there should be some place from Oey to Zwischenflüh (which has no services).