Furkajoch Height Climbing height - length
1758m 1001m - 17.1 km (Au)
429m - 7.6 km (Damüls)
1266m - 20.3 km (Rankweil)
Difficulty Beauty
East 3 (5); West 4 (5) 4 (5)
How to get there From the east the climb starts in the small village of Au (789m) west of Hochtannbergpass (1676m). It is a somewhat steep ascent to Damüls (1353m) from where one could alternatively go to Faschinajoch (1487m). The last part is not steep. The western climb from Rankweil (503m) (outside Feldkirch) is quite hard. From Bad Innerlaterns (1147m) to the pass height is over 10% on average and very often around 14% on a narrow road in the woods. The pass height itself has only a very little depression in the mountain ridge and it feels like climbing over the last mountain ridge going westward as one cannot see any much higher point west from here.
Other comments The pass road is quite charming and offers many variations in landscape. The last flatter section on the east side offers wide views over the valleys below. The road is very sweet up from Au and around Laterns on the west side. Damüls has a nice church. There is no restaurant at the pass (only a small parking area). I think it is one of the most impressive pass roads in the area.
[AT-8-1759, BIG 602]