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Nufenenpass/Passo della Novena/Pass da Nueinas/Col de Nufenen Height Climbing height - length
Sign 2478m
1324m - 22.1 km (Airolo); 2261m - 59.5 km (Biasca)
1134m - 14.1 km (Ulrichen)
Difficulty Beauty
3-4 (5) 3-4 (5)
How to get there From the east you go up the Valle Bedretto from Airolo (1156m) (which is at the foot of the Passo del San Gottardo/St. Gotthardpass/Son Gottard/Col du St-Gothard (2107m)). For a really long climb, you start down in Biasca (296m). From the west you turn off the upper Valais/Wallis valley at Ulrichen (1346m) where the proper climb starts on this side. It is a somewhat hard climb on both sides, but it is steeper on the Ulrichen side.
Other comments It is a rather bleak pass, but has some quite nice views at the top and down the Bedretto valley. It is the highest Swiss pass with both sides in Switzerland. There is a bar at the pass height. There are shops in both Airolo and in Ulrichen. There are plenty of good choices for accomodation in the upper Valais valley. Camping is possible in the Bedretto valley. There are some concrete pavement left on the Bedretto side, where you also could gain rather high speed (down). The walking pass (old crossing) is located lower at 2440m. You can take a small detour on the western side to the Griessee (2387m) on an asphalted road for additional nice views. (Passo della Nufenen is another Italian name variant appearing on signs.) The road opened in 1969.
[CH-TI-2478b, BIG 584]