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Chamm Height Climbing height - length
1712m 1234m - 12.8 km (Trübbach/Azmoos)
1234m - 13.8 km (Trübbach/Azmoos via Oberschan)
1241m - 13.1 km (Weite)
1248m - 13.1 km (Plattis)
Difficulty Beauty
4 (5) 4 (5)
How to get there The climb up to Chamm (Gonzen/Palfris) is one of the harder climbs in Switzerland: over 12 km with over 10% on average. The climb starts near Sargans and not far from Liechtenstein in Trübbach (478m) via Azmoos (495m) or in Weite (469m). One could possibly also start in Plattis (464m). The roads meet up at Oberschan (668m). If you start in Azmoos, you can turn left at the first road choice on the way up for an alternative road (that does not go through Oberschan), and you then meet the Oberschan road higher up (1003m). It is at first an evenly steep road (there could be gravel on the asphalt as I had there in 2008), but otherwise the road is in good condition (true for both road alternatives). Later on it becomes more irregularly steep with ramps up to 18%. The asphalt road ends on the other side of the pass 1 km later at the Palfries berggasthaus (1690m).
Other comments There are very nice views at the top of the pass toward Liechtenstein and in the other direction toward Walenstadt. From Palfries there are only tracks/paths over to Sennis, from where a forest road (that is asphalted further down) goes all the way down to the road from Sargans to Walenstadt. This road, via Sennis, should be easy with a mountainbike and I wanted to try it out myself, but I was there too late in the day and bad weather was coming in. Fill up water in Azmoos. Photo was taken in the direction of Liechtenstein.