Sewenegg Height Climbing height - length
1742m 1263m - 16.2 km (Brand)
1263m - 16.5 km (Brand version)
1240m - 17.1 km (Wilerbad)
1276m - 16.2 km (Sarnen (south))
1279m - 16.2 km (Sarnen)
1027m - 18.5 km (Entlebuch)
Difficulty Beauty
4 (5) 3 (5)
How to get there

There are several variants up the east side of this climb from Sarnen (471m) and along the west side of the Sarnersee. Sarnen (south) (474m) is a variant from Sarnen (there are three variants in Sarnen, but they are all similar, so I only mention two here). Along Sarnersee one could take a road up from Wilerbad (510m), or further away at Brand (487m) (small road taking off at a bus stop), from where there are two distinct variants up to the main Glaubenberg road. All climbs are roughly the same difficulty and all climbs are quite hard. There are also some not so good cattle grids higher up on this otherwise rather good and wide road.

The climb from the west starting in Entlebuch (723m) is slightly longer and less steep. (I have not been to that side.) Just at the east end of the Glaubenbergpass (1543m), there is a narrow road going down slightly up north. This road will lead to the pass after passing a few short steep ramps and when I visited (2011) there were gravel sections of ca. 10m+10m+30m (this last passage at the flat crossroads where you should turn right). The last part is up a somewhat badly asphalted narrow and steep road to the pass.

Other comments Glaubenbergpass is quite a hard climb from any approach down east and by continuing up to Sewenegg, it becomes a really hard one up there with other prominent pass roads in the Alps. The views are nice at the pass, but maybe the nicest stretch is taking the slightly longer road up/down from/to Brand by Sarnersee, where the views are sometimes quite great. The Glaubenberg road is partly a military road, which explains why it is so wide despite not being used very much and there are military installations etc. on the upper part of the climb. The parallel Glaubenbielen/GlaubenbŁelen Pass (1565m) south is a nicer alternative to this road, but it can also work as a circle tour with this pass. The road down to Sewensee and further becomes a gravel road, that eventually is likely to be too bad for a road bike, so it is best to return to the Glaubenbergpass for the descent!