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Furkapass/Pass dal Furca/Col de la Furka Height Climbing height - length
Signs 2436m, 2429m
934m - 17.7 km (Hospental)
671m - 10.4 km (Gletsch)
1094m - 21.3 km (Ulrichen)
Difficulty Beauty
3 (5) 3-4 (5)
How to get there The steepest climb is from Hospental (1495m) outside Andermatt. At Realp (1540m) the steep part begins, but never goes above 11-12%. It is clearly nicer on the other side and thus more preferable to climb that side. If one comes from Grimselpass/Col du Grimsel (2164m), the climb on the west side starts at Gletsch (1758m). If coming from down Valais (Wallis) the climb starts in Ulrichen (1346m), but first it is almost flat to Oberwald while the road goes through some good tunnels.
Other comments The Rhône glacier is one of the main attractions on the west side (it looks like it is getting smaller, but weather is a pretty local thing and I bet it could well start to expand again). The splendid scenery of the hairpinned roads going up to the Grimselpass and Furkapass with white mountain tops around makes this an unforgettable place (and probably the most photographed mountain roads in the Alps). A classic climb.
[CH-UR-2429c, BIG 568]