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Plan du Lac (Bellecombe) Height Climbing height - length
1037m - 14.5 km (Termignon)
Difficulty Beauty
4 (5) 4-5 (5)
How to get there The climb starts in (or just above) Termignon (1336m). The road is good and the views improves along the way. At first one climbs up through the forest (Bois du Suffet) on the left side of the valley up to La Chavière. There is a short dip in the road as one passes over to the other side of the valley. Here you leave the forest behind and the last part is very nice. When you get up to the parking at Bellecombe, a narrower road continues up and suddenly some really great views open up and you are up on the plateau of the Plan du Lac. Continue to the refuge for even better views!
Other comments This is a detour to avoid the gorges de Doron where no path or road exists on the way up to Vallon de la Rocheure and Vallon de Leisse. As you really go from one valley to another valley through a pass-like area I have chosen to include the plain – Plan du Lac – here as a pass. There is also a descent to the Rocheure valley where the asphalt eventually ends. There are a couple of plains like Plan du Lac that could and sometimes are recognised also as passes. (Passo Scimfuss in the list here is more of a borderline case than this pass.)