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Col de la Ramaz Height Climbing height - length
1612m 976m - 14.1 km (Mieussy)
702m - 9.6 km (Saint-Denis turn-off)
973m - 13.3/14.2/15 km (Taninges centre/east/west)
689m - 8.4 km (Fry)
464m - 6.6 km (Col de l’Encrenaz turn-off)
Difficulty Beauty
3-4 (5) 4 (5)
How to get there I have only done the relatively short climb from the Col de l’Encrenaz (1433m) turn-off (1151m), but this is the steepest part of the climb up. The climb eases off when you reach Col de la Savolière (1418m) and the plateau here. The small road that goes to Taninges (centre/west) is recommended to take up here. (The bigger road starting just on the eastern side of Taninges (642m) is the one that goes to Col des Gets (1162m) and Morzine and further down to Lac Leman.) The climb from Mieussy (636m) should also be nice, but the road was blocked upon my visit in 2009 (now open again). Both sides has similar profiles with the steepest section in the middle. There are great views on the eastern side of Mont Blanc (one of the best views you can get from an asphalt road of that mountain).
Other comments This is a very popular climb by road cyclists and it has also been used in the Tour de France a few times, just like the nearby Col de la Joux Plane/Col du Ranfolly. Contrary to Col de la Joux Plane, which is also noted as ‘Col Routier’ on the high point of the road on the French IGN map, with Col de la Ramaz you actually get to (and over) the pass, which is not the case with the Col de la Joux Plane. The walking pass is lower at 1559m not so far from the road on the west side.